Frankie’s Adventure

Frankie, the cheeky little chimp, is the main character in this 50 level, bi-directional scrolling platform game.

Help Frankie work his way through 5 different worlds to find the ‘Gold Banana’ that has been stolen by the Goids.

The Goids live deep underground and have taken the Gold Banana as it helps supply the power needed in their factory.

Travel through the Sewer, Swamp, Lava and Ice levels, before entering the Goids Factory.

Various enemies are waiting for you, including, Sewer, Swamp and Lava Monkeys, Rats, Bats, Cobra’s, Mosquito’s and Snails.

To help you on your journey, there are horizontal and vertical moving platforms, switches, a teleporter and the
different coloured banana’s will give you certain abilities.

Plus, a few surprises !